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TotalSpectrum ELITE (7 Bands 900 LEDs)

TotalSpectrum ELITE (7 Bands 900 LEDs)

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Powerful Performance for Peak Physique, Vigor & All Round Healing

Introducing the TotalSpectrum Elite, a versatile masterpiece that redefines both fitness enhancement and healing. This all-encompassing device is not just an asset for sports-related activities; it's a revolutionary tool in holistic well-being. Perfect for gyms, fitness studios, wellness centers, and home use, the TotalSpectrum Elite caters to the needs of professional trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking effective healing solutions.

Like its predecessors in the TotalSpectrum line, the Elite model boasts a full range of capabilities, but with added advancements. It features inbuilt performance modes, each meticulously designed to kickstart your journey, whether you're aiming for peak athletic performance or seeking therapeutic relief. The unique blend of 7 light wavelengths used in the TotalSpectrum Elite not only enhances endurance and workout efficiency but also accelerates healing and recovery processes.

Embrace the power of the TotalSpectrum Elite – a beacon of fitness and healing, offering everything the TotalSpectrum range promises and more, all while simplifying your experience with user-friendly performance modes. This is more than a device; it's a gateway to achieving your best physical and wellness state.

TotalSpectrum ELITE - FDA Registered & CE, RoHS Certified

CE Certificates:
   - The CE marking is a certification that indicates a product meets the health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).
   - We have two CE certificates for our LED lights. These certificates confirm:
     - Compliance with the European Low Voltage Directive, ensuring the product's electrical safety.
     - Compliance with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, ensuring the product won't interfere with other electronic devices or cause electromagnetic disturbances.

2. RoHS Certificate:
   - RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. This certification ensures that our products have limited or no hazardous materials that are harmful to the environment and users.
   - Our LED lights comply with the RoHS Directive, ensuring they're environmentally friendly and safe for use.

In simpler terms, these certificates ensure that our products are safe, environmentally friendly, and compliant with both European and U.S. standards. 
· Supersized panel
· Blue, red & near infrared
· 8 internal cooling fans
· Touch screen & remote controller
· 360 degrees rotation floor stand-up stand


LEDs: 900x5W 3535 LED
7 Wavelengths: 450nm/ 610nm/ 630nm/ 660nm/ 810nm/ 830nm/ 850nm (why we chose 7 wavelengths)
Irradiance (Solar Power meter) at 8 inches: 178 mW/cm2
Irradiance (Spectrometer) at 6 inches: 139 mW/cm2
Beam angle: 30 degrees (why 30 degree beam angles)
Controls: Touch panel & Remote controller
Pulsing: Yes, 0-9,999 Hz
EMF Emissions: 0.0μT at 6 inches and greater
Flicker: Zero flicker
Height with stand: 6 feet 3.25 inches (191.5 cms)
Width: Aprx 2 Feet (60 cms)
Weight: 50KG/110 LB
Cooling fans: 8
Stand: Wheeled stand-straight stand included 
Tiltable: No (the Elite stands straight)
Packaging: 2 Separate Boxes
Installation: Requires 2 People
Warranty: 3 Years
4 Performance modes: Warm up, Fitness, Recovery, Inflammation (plus instructions to program other modes from any TotalSpectrum device)
3 Customized modes (choose from 10 other modes and set them up yourself): - Set the value of Red/NIR/Time/Pulse/Blue according to your own preference. Setup any performance modes from the Mini, Ccompact, Max or Ultra (find settings in the brochure)

Meet the TotalSpectrum Elite

A fusion of technology and wellness. Featuring 900x5W high-intensity 3535 LEDs across 7 targeted wavelengths (450nm to 850nm), this device is engineered for unmatched performance in fitness, recovery, and healing.
Its 30-degree beam angle ensures deep, focused light penetration. User-friendly with touch panel and remote controls, it offers customizable pulsing options (0-9,999 Hz) for tailored therapy sessions. Designed with safety in mind, it boasts zero EMF emissions at 6 inches and no flicker.
Standing at 6 feet 3.25 inches, with a convenient width of about 2 feet and weighing 110 lbs, the Elite is a robust yet sleek addition to any space. 
Reliability assured with a 3-year warranty.
Equipped with specialized performance modes for Warm-up, Fitness, Recovery, Inflammation, and 3 customizable modes, it's a complete solution for modern wellness needs.
Explore the future of health and fitness with TotalSpectrum Elite – where every session is an experience in advanced healing and physical excellence.
Comparison with a human

The TotalSpectrum Elite effortlessly outperforms every other device on the market

  1. Science-Backed Performance Modes: Jumpstart your therapy with preset modes based on scientific research. These optimal settings ensure you begin with the most effective treatment from the first use.

  2. Unbeatable Value: Experience top-tier light therapy at a fraction of the cost. The TotalSpectrum Elite offers unparalleled quality without the hefty price tag of its competitors.

  3. Maximum Irradiance with 30-Degree Beam Angles: The precision-designed 30-degree beam angles focus intense light directly onto your body, maximizing the therapeutic benefits and enhancing irradiance efficiency.

  4. Customizable Modes for Professionals: Tailor your therapy down to the finest detail. Adjust red, NIR, and blue light intensities from 0 to 100%, set your pulsing frequency, and choose the duration to suit your specific needs.

  5. Safety and Quality Assurance: With CE, RoHS certifications, and FDA registration, the TotalSpectrum Elite meets stringent safety and quality standards, ensuring a reliable and safe therapy experience.

  6. Zero EMF and Flicker-Free: Prioritizing your health and comfort, this device guarantees no electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions and zero flicker, making your therapy sessions safe and enjoyable.

  7. Privacy-First Design: In an era where digital privacy is paramount, the TotalSpectrum Elite stands out with its non-connected nature. No apps, no Internet – just uncomplicated, effective therapy focused on your well-being, ensuring complete privacy and peace of mind.

The TotalSpectrum Elite isn't just a device; it's a commitment to superior healing, fitness, and privacy, all wrapped in one powerful package. Step into the future of light therapy where performance, value, and privacy converge.

7 Bands - 450nm, 610nm, 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm, 850nm

Advanced Wellness Engineering: Experience the Sophistication of TotalSpectrum Elite's Seven Wavelengths Optimized Wavelength Selection for Superior Efficacy: The TotalSpectrum Elite stands out in its class with seven carefully selected wavelengths, born from extensive scientific research, to deliver a precise and powerful therapeutic impact.

450nm (Blue Light): Tackles skin issues, effectively combating acne-causing bacteria.

610nm: Enhances and brightens the skin, promoting a radiant, youthful appearance.

630nm & 660nm: Specialize in skin rejuvenation, smoothing fine lines, and boosting collagen production.

810nm, 830nm, & 850nm: Deep-penetrating near-infrared wavelengths that excel in muscle recovery, joint health fortification, and fostering restful sleep.

Innovative and Research-Backed Technology: The TotalSpectrum Elite is not just a device, it's a culmination of patented, research-driven technology, offering a superior tool in your wellness arsenal, surpassing the limitations of more basic models.

A New Paradigm in Red Light Therapy: Where standard 2 or 4 band panels only scratch the surface of red light therapy's potential, the TotalSpectrum Elite provides a comprehensive, versatile, and thoroughly effective wellness journey.

It's not just about offering therapy – it's about ensuring a holistic, tailored, and profound wellness experience, positioning the TotalSpectrum Elite as an indispensable ally in your health and beauty endeavors.

A TotalSpectrum Series Comparison

# of LEDs 64 152 304 480 900
LED Wattage 5W 5W 5W 5W 5W
Power Consumption 120W 280W 550W 850W 1540W
LED Type 3535 LED 3535 LED 3535 LED 3535 Dual LED 3535 LED
Wavelengths 6 6 6 7 7
Wavelength nms 610nm 630nm
660nm 810nm
830nm 850nm 
610nm 630nm
660nm 810nm
830nm 850nm 
610nm 630nm
660nm 810nm
830nm 850nm 
450nm 610nm
630nm 660nm
810nm 830nm
450nm 610nm
630nm 660nm
810nm 830nm
Irradiance @ 8 inches (Solar power meter) 170 mW /cm2 172 mW/ cm2 172 mW/ cm2 174 mW/ cm2 179 mW/ cm2
Irradiance @ 6 inches (Spectrometer) 98.3 mW /cm2 110.5 mW/ cm2 126 mW/ cm2 134 mW/ cm2 139 mW/ cm2
EMF 0.0μT IMF 0.0μT IMF 0.0μT IMF 0.0μT IMF 0.0μT IMF
Flicker None None None None None
FDA Registered & CE, RoHS Certified? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pulsing? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Voice control? Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Touch control? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Performance Modes 7 7 7 6 4
All modes can be set up on all devices
Fat burning
Muscle Recovery
Skin Care
Elderly Health
1 Custom mode to program any other mode from other devices

Fat burning
Muscle Recovery
Skin Care
Elderly Health
1 Custom mode to program any other mode from other devices

Fat burning
Muscle Recovery
Skin Care
Elderly Health
1 Custom mode to program any other mode from other devices

Fat Burn
Hair Care
Skin Repair
3 Custom Modes - Program any mode from other TotalSpectrum devices
Inflammation +
3 custom modes to program any mode from other TotalSpectrum devices
Beam angle 30 degrees 30 degrees 30 degrees 15/ 30/ 60 deg mixed  30 degrees
Treatment area Small Medium Large Full Body Full Body
Size 300 x 260 x 60mm OR 12.2" x 10.5" x 2.4" 600 x 260 x 60mm OR 23.6" x 10.5" x 2.4" 1090 x 260 x 60mm 42.9" x 10.5" x 2.4" 1635 x 300 x 75mm OR 
64.3" x 11.8" x 3"
1900 x 600 x 70mm OR 75" x 24" x 2.7"
Weight 3.5KG /  7.7LB 7.5KG / 16.5LB 11KG / 24.2LB 18KG / 39.6LB 50KG/110 LB
Stand provided? Yes Yes Yes Manual
Electric Stand
Can Be Bought
Door & Wall Mount Provided? No No No No No
Reading Friendly Eye Protection Goggles provided? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth music? No No No Yes No
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 3 years
Returns from date of receiving the product 30 days 30 days 30 days 60 days 60 days
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Welcome to the world of Science backed Red Light Therapy by RLT Home.
We hope our world class patented panels will help you on your recovery journey.

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