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We recognize that choosing a Red Light Therapy device can be both challenging and costly. Understanding the complexity and financial consideration involved, we are here to assist you in making this important decision with as much ease and clarity as possible – we are here to provide clarity and support every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the TotalSpectrum Series Red Light Therapy Designed and Manufactured?

The devices are designed in the UK and manufactured in China at a certified 5 star facility.

Is RLT Home a Registered Company?

Yes, "RLT Home" & "Red Light Therapy Home" are brands of a UK registered company.

Are the devices patented?

Our devices are patent pending as of now.

Are the TotalSpectrum Devices Certified?

Yes, our products are CE and RoHS certified and FDA registered.

RoHS is focused on restricting hazardous substances in electronics.
CE is broader, encompassing compliance with a range of European Union directives for product safety, health, and environmental standards. CE marking includes compliance with electrical safety standards. 

Can I purchase your products using my FSA/HSA funds?

Some customers have successfully used their HSA to pay for our products, although our website doesn't directly accept HSA cards.

We advise checking with your HSA provider for eligibility confirmation. As an example, a recent customer verified with their provider that our TotalSpectrum series of devices are HSA eligible before making a purchase.

Please note, we cannot take responsibility for any non-approval decisions made by your HSA provider.

I'm torn between your products and another brand's. What factors should guide my decision?

We understand that with so many tech specs, it's not at all easy to make a decision. We encourage you to look for transparency in companies you're considering. If something is not specified on another website, it's most likely intentional. 

Things like beam angles and irradiance as measured with a spectrometer and separately from a solar power meter should be displayed as they provide very different readings.  Similarly LED bulb wattage, EMF, Flicker, number of wavelengths and importantly their reasoning for choosing those (read ours) .

To make an "apples to apples" comparison, focus on several key factors. Look at the number of LEDs, and consider the price per LED (or per wattage of LEDs), as this offers a direct cost comparison.

Also, assess any additional costs that might arise, such as shipping fees, return costs, or restocking fees if you need to return the product.  

Why RLT Home?

When considering their quality in relation to price, our products represent an unmatched value proposition, offering top-tier performance at a cost that beats everything else on the market hands down.

Our TotalSpectrum series draws upon insights from human clinical trials to ensure optimal efficacy. Each device is equipped with intuitive performance modes, allowing for immediate use without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

We've integrated six or more selectively chosen wavelengths to cater to a range of needs, ensuring zero electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions for your safety.

We designed our devices with privacy in mind. Our devices don't connect to the Internet or any apps and can be controlled using voice commands and touch panels. The voice data is auto-deleted every 15 secs.

We offer hassle free, no questions asked returns, prompt replacements and quick refunds if you don't like our devices. Oh and no restocking fees or anything of that nature. 

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